Thursday, 3 July 2014

Marlial 11.74: an ill-considered action...

I avoid doctors: about 85% of all complaints with which people go to a doctor, will disappear after a few days, with or without doctor. The new fashion of total body scans – promoted by private clinics – only serves to make people afraid of what can possibly happen and of course they will take preventive cures and yes, need to go back every year to that commercial clinic.  Baccara had an extra reason to avoid a doctor, at least this specific doctor who had an eye on the same girl. Especially as he had something with his penis, he should have been thinking twice. I will rather not speculate on medical details, but anyway, Baccara is careless or desperate enough to go to his rival and Martial predicts the consequence:

Martialis 11.74

Curandum penem commisit Baccara Raetus
    rivali medico. Baccara Gallus erit.

committo commisi commissum: to entrust something (acc.) to (dat.)
Raetus:  inhabitant of Raetia (modern Tirol)
Gallus: inhabitant of Gallia, but also the name for a priest of Cybele. The cult of this Anatolian goddess, known to the Romans as Magna Mater, was adopted during the Second Punic War (218 -201) and the priests castrated themselves during ecstatic rituals…

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